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Ceramic Braces

Upload: June 3, 2015

Braces are orthodontic devices used to straighten teeth and correct abnormal bites. For patients concerned with maintaining an attractive appearance while straightening their teeth, ceramic braces offer a more aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Made of a ceramic material designed to match the color of the teeth, ceramic braces provide comparable results to metal braces. Clear braces allow patients to correct a crooked smile or bite problems while essentially camouflaging the equipment being used.

The same routine orthodontic care, regular dental care, and careful daily cleaning are necessary for clear braces as for metal ones. Patients with any type of braces should be prepared to wear retainers at night following orthodontic treatment to keep their teeth in the correct position.

It is important to continue to care for your teeth while wearing ceramic braces, and a maintenance routine that includes rinsing, flossing, and brushing the teeth, should be performed at least twice day. Like traditional braces, ceramic braces need to be adjusted by an orthodontist every 4 to 6 weeks.